Realities for former foster youth:

33% are on the streets within three years
66% are high school dropouts
50% are unemployed
60% will have babies within four years

Don't be a statistic.

Open the door to possibilities with the Youth Transition Center


Transitional Living Program

 What is the Transitional Living Program?

Teens find hope with Children's Home Society of FloridaFor teens in foster care approaching their 18th birthdays, it's a chance to create a life for themselves.

In Florida, teens in foster care become legal adults the day they turn 18 - responsible for everything in their lives. Housing. School. Food. Transportation. Bills. Counseling. Everything.

If you just left foster care, this can be pretty scary.

Enter the Youth Transition Center.

If you exited foster care without a family, you no longer need to worry about couch surfing or living on the streets. You no longer have to decide between finishing school or dropping out for a minimum-wage job.

We offer a safe, stable place to live so you can focus on education and employment. Our Youth Transition Center is almost brand new - only a few years old. With apartment-style homes, you'll share a kitchen, living area and dining room with other young adults in the program.

But there's more.

You also receive guidance to set and achieve goals. You can connect with mentors truly invested in your well-Children's Home Society of Florida provides hope and opportunities to young adults who've exited foster carebeing and success.

You'll learn basic life skills like budgeting, house cleaning, cooking, securing transportation.

Already have a place to live? You can still participate in our Outreach Servies with our Transitional Living program and receive guidance, coaching and mentoring to reach your personal, educational and career goals.

After the Youth Transition Center

We'll do more than prepare you for self-sufficiency and success. We'll also give you an understanding of what it means to be a stable, supportive adult who can, one day, be a better parent to the children you may eventually have.

The Youth Transition Center isn't just a place to live. It's an open door to help you pursue a meaningful, productive life.


Call us at (772) 778-6340 and ask to speak with someone about Transitional Living Program and the Youth Transition Center.

Still not sure if it's for you?

Programs like the Transitional Living Program and Youth Transition Center help teens and young adults throughout the nation. See the results and our hope for you.

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