A Child's Life

“You can’t give up on these kids, even if they give up on themselves.”
     -Randy, foster dad

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This isn’t an arbitrary goal, it’s a necessary one. Youth who grow up in instability and turmoil are more likely to become homeless, addicted to drugs, incarcerated, or worse. But stable, loving foster families eager to care for children in foster care can make all the difference.

We need your support in spreading the word to help find amazing foster parents for these children. 

Will you be one of the 50 homes we need?

When you open your home, you truly change a child’s life. You build self-esteem, provide a sense of security and, most importantly, provide a place to call “home.”

It doesn’t commit you to anything. It just helps us start the process so we can help you in your journey. Have questions? We have lots of answers. 

Have additional questions? Call us at (850) 219-4233 or email jessica.porter@chsfl.org

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