Empower the Youth: Programs

 Life is tough - but you're not alone. Our drop-in center, life skills classes, professional development opportunities and work-study initiatives provide  guidance, support and resources to help you prepare for a future of possibilities.

Life skills classes

Keeping up with life can be overwhelming. Start here.

Check out our many classes, including:

  • Financial responsibility
  • Cooking
  • Sex education
  • How to land a job
  • Interviewing skills
  • Resume writing
  • Social skills
  • Time management
  • Parenting
  • Organizational skills
  • Critical thinking exercises
  • Wellness
  • Emergency planning
  • Using public transportation

Bonus: Once you demonstrate your mastery of the skills taught in a class, we’ll deposit $10 into your savings account.

Drop-in center

Drop in to use the Internet, laundry facilities, TV, books and games.

Pack a bag of groceries to take home.

Pick out a new outfit - for free - for your upcoming interview. Our boutique is stocked with gently used professional attire.

Need help with job applications, college applications or Medicaid applications? Stop by the center.

Struggling to cope with overwhelming challenges? Find therapy, personal and emotional support at the center.




Professional development

Learn about possible careers and professions the third Tuesday of each month.

Enjoy dinner and games.

Get to know successful professionals eager to talk with you about their careers, their choices and they paths they've pursued.

See the many possibilities within your reach!


Work-study program

What does it take to succeed? To find positive opportunities – and pursue them?

It takes commitment. Dedication. A strong work ethic. A desire to do more, to succeed, to contribute to society.

Through our work-study program, you can meet professionals who have experienced challenges and successes. You’ll learn how to develop the work ethic and dedication that comes from the pride of a job well done.

Young women aging out of foster care also have chances to volunteer at businesses with professional women who want to see you succeed.

  • See their professional demeanor as they demonstrate how empowered women can positively impact society.
  • Connect with a professional mentor for a  first-hand look at how life can be and learn what it takes to make changes necessary to be successful.


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