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“We have such great kids. For what they’ve been through and where they’ve come from, they have the biggest hearts of anyone I know."

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Fostering Fast Fives

5 Misconceptions About Fostering
• “Fostering is a lifelong commitment.” Foster as long as you wish.
• “I can’t do it on my own.” We’re here with the support and resources you need.
• “All the kids in the system are ‘bad.’” Not true at all! Even most of the troubled kids are just looking for stability.
• “I won’t make a difference.” You’ll be making a direct impact!
• “You have to be married to foster.” Families come in all shapes and sizes.

5 Reasons to Foster
• Make a difference in the life of a child.
• Help children in your very own community.
• Advocate for a child with no other representative.
• You’ll provide more than a home -- it’s a place to learn and grow.
• Help heal a child, physically and mentally.

5 Steps to Fostering
• Contact your local foster care team.
• Attend a free orientation in the community.
• Undergo a background screening.
• Undergo a home screening.
• Complete a 30-hour training course.

5 Ways Fostering Benefits a Child
• A stable place to call home.
• Builds confidence and self-esteem.
• Builds an understanding of healthy relationships.
• Increases performance in school.
• Provides a sense of safety and security.

Fostering a child is a great way to support your local community and make a difference. You can provide a ray of hope and stability during a dark period in a child’s life. Please complete our foster parent interest form to begin your journey.

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