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$10,000 from George W. Jenkins Fund helps strengthen family bonds

LAKELAND, Fla. (July 30, 2012)--Children's Home Society of Florida received $10,000 from the George W. Jenkins Fund within the Community Foundation of Greater Lakeland to help rebuild broken relationships between parents and children separated due to allegations of abuse, neglect and/or abandonment.

Through Children's Home Society of Florida's Family Connections Program in Greater Lakeland, children have the opportunity to spend quality time with their parents during supervised, often court-ordered, visitations in a safe, friendly environment where trained professionals encourage family bonding and model safe, appropriate interactions; these visits are crucial as families work to build and strengthen healthy relationships so children can, in most instances, safely return home to their parents.

Funds will be used to purchase educational resources for families to use together during visits, including books, board games and interactive activities designed to strengthen parent-child bonds. Additional funds will allow Family Connections to provide parents with resources - such as books and games - to keep at home so they can continue the literacy initiatives with their children once the family is together again.

Monies also will be used to help families overcome barriers that previously threatened their stability, allowing parents to receive substance abuse counseling, career training, anger management classes and/or other services that will contribute to safe, secure homes for children.

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