Our staff makes a difference every day ...

Children and teens in our group homes receive dedicated care, attention, encouragement and guidance from compassionate, experienced professionals devoted to helping youth overcome obstacles and pursue opportunities for happiness and success. Meet a few of our stand-out staff members:

Milta has been with Clair’s House for five years. She began as an overnight staff but her work ethic, performance and positive attitude were so strong that she was quickly promoted to residential shift leader, where she serves in a ‘houseparent’ type of role.  Milta brings years of experience and truly cares for the kids at Clair's House. A common belief among professionals in the field is that once a child is placed at Clair’s House, “you never have to worry about them!" Milta is a major reason for this.

Zabrina has also been with Clair’s House for five years.  She, too, began as an overnight staff but brought leadership and an effortless ability to form strong relationships with the children and teens in the home.  She now serves as a residential shift leader and monitors the daily routine of the home, observes the performance of other staff and ensures the daily needs of each resident are met.  Zabrina, too, brings years of valuable experience.  Our residents look forward to seeing ‘Aunty Z,’ and they know they're in good hands!  

Elizabeth "Mrs. Liz" has been with Hacienda for 14 years and is seen as the backbone of our staff at the home.  She demonstrates the utmost respect for each and every client; she has been tested to the hill with our challenging population but remains calm, consistent and in accordance with the behavior program.  Our girls know there will be no question as to what is expected of them during her shift, and all staff know that, when in doubt, she is one who holds the answer.

Mrs. Liz is known by the clients as both the disciplinarian and nurturer interchangeably.  She owns the responsibility for raising our girls through example and believes they are worthy of higher expectations for their actions.  She stays true to the rules ands structure when needed and then becomes playful as the girls pick on her pronunciation of their names.  She reinforces that there is a time and place for everything and connects current day situations to real-life future scenarios to help increase the girls' chances of success after they leave care.

Given the likelihood that most of our girls have missed out on the mother/daughter bonds often created in the kitchen, this staff fills this void as Mrs. Liz is committed to providing home-cooking during the week and on holidays.  She encourages the girls to cook alongside her and even try
recipes they have picked up from their own families. There is nothing better to pull a house together than a home-cooked meal.

Debra has been on staff for seven years. She is a leader among her co-workers and a favorite among residents. Debra works closely with our teen parents and is very patient with the girls as she uses her knowledge and experience to help them become better mothers. Her calm, nurturing manner contributes to trusting relationships with the youth, and she's often asked to accompany the young ladies to the hospital when they're ready to deliver their babies. She works very hard to help our teens understand that their babies need a safe environment and literally gets down on the floor with them to encourage young moms to bond and play with their babies. She responds well in difficult situations and truly knows the residents, often assessing circumstances to resolve potential conflicts before they arise. Debra also provides a family atmosphere for our girls and their babies, and she's always looking for fun activities that help our residents develop new skills that will be beneficial as they begin planning for life as independent families.

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