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"You're the only family I have ever had. I know that with a little hard work, I can do this."           

- Jen, a teen who found safety at Hansen House

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Hansen House is a safe place to heal.

Sometimes, kids can't return home ... at least for a little while. Sometimes teens have suffered such severe trauma that they need more intense care, counseling and guidance. They find it at Hansen House, our residential home for girls age 13 to 17. At Hansen House, girls receive care, guidance and love as they prepare for the next stages in their lives. 

Learn about how Hansen House got started or read on to find out how residential homes have helped heal the pain of abuse for girls like Jessica ....


Jessica’s not the person she used to be. She thinks before talking back, she’s learned to control her anger. Rather than skipping school and failing classes, she’s turned into a conscientious student concerned about her future. And finally, now that she’s at one of our residential homes for teen girls, Jessica has some stability. She has guidance. And she knows people care.

Jessica endured a turbulent childhood, bouncing between foster homes and her mother’s care for more than a decade. Amidst the uncertainty of a tumultuous adolescence, Jessica has braved unspeakable trauma ... trauma Jessica continues to conquer through the care and attention provided by compassionate staff.

Now in high school, Jessica's looking forward to furthering her education to become an elementary school teacher. Openly expressing her love for children, Jessica confides that she’d eventually like to raise her own – at least six. And through her experiences in a safe home, she’s learned valuable techniques to use when the time comes. “Here, they don’t have to hit us in order for us to listen,” she says.  

Jessica hopes to stay with us until she exits the foster care system, certain the structure provided will help guide her to achieve her dreams. And at our home, she says, she knows she’s safe.


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Want to help?  Here are some wonderful volunteer opportunities:

  • Host a fundraiser to help our girls join clubs, pay for tests or go to prom
  • Mentor a teen who will benefit from positive guidance
  • Prepare a special meal for our girls
  • Teach a valuable skill, such as budgeting, to help our girls prepare for independence
  • Help grow a garden with our girls who want to make their house a home

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