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Healthy Families

Who can receive Healthy Families services?

Christy and AvyIf you're expecting a baby or have a baby less than 3 months old, you may qualify to participate. Services can continue until your child reaches age 5. Call us (find the local number below) to see if you qualify for this free service.

What can you do for my family?

We meet YOUR family's strengths, challenges and opportunities. We meet with you in your own home, so you and your kids are in your natural, familiar surroundings.

We'll help you build strong, trusting relationships.

We'll guide you to help your child(ren) meet developmental milestones. Did you know certain toys and games help a child with hand-eye coordination? Do you know how to safely put your baby to bed? Do you know how to address your toddler's behavior challenges? We can teach you all about that - and so much more!

We also focus on you. We know you have goals. Maybe you want to earn your GED, go to college or learn a new trade. We'll help you create plans to set and achieve your personal and family goals.

Questions about your child's developmental progress? Concerned about behaviors? Need a deeper support system? We're here for you.

How do I start?

Call us - just ask for the Healthy Families program!

Northeast Florida (Buckner): (904) 493-7744

Marion County (Mid-Florida): (352) 732-1355

Lake or Sumter counties (Mid-Florida): (352) 742-6170

Miami-Dade (Southeastern): (305) 755-6500

Southwest Florida (Southwest): (239) 334-0222

Pensacola/Western Panhandle (Western): (850) 266-2700

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