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"If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't know where I would be right now."

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The Homemakers Club

Youth exiting the foster care system without forever families often need a lot of support. The turbulence in their childhood may have made it difficult for them to learn what they need to know about living independendly as adults. This means that they are more likely to experience homelessness, unemployment, chronic health problems and become increasingly dependent on public assistance. Without a support system, these youth may also become pregnant before they are ready or stay in unhealthy relationships. 

The Homemakers Club helps young adults in Greater Lakeland stay on the path to success and sustainability by providing donated furnishings for apartments, access to independent life skills classes and help completing school or gaining employment. You can be part of helping vulnerable young adults define their paths to healthy, safe and successful independence. Email Ellen Boczarski to find out more.

$10 a month could provide

Dishes, glasses, and a silverware set for a youth for their first apartment
A set of pots and pans and cookingware for a youth for their first apartment
A comforter set, linens, and towels for a foster youth for their first apartment

$20 a month could provide

A microwave, coffeemaker, and toaster oven for a youth for their first apartment 
Tables and lamps for living room and bedroom for a youth for their first apartment

$50 a month could provide

A laptop computer for a youth in community college
A bus pass for an entire year

$100 a month could provide

All the furniture for a youth’s new apartment including a bed, sofa, and kitchen table


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