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"If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't know where I would be right now."

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CHS partners with UF Health to provide telemedicine psychiatry services

Positive mental health is essential to a child's development from birth, yet one in five children will experience a mental health disorder in a given year, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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Our vision: A world where all children realize their full potential

Some may say our vision is ambitious. A world where all children realize their full potential. Perhaps they're right. But we know it's possible, because of our dedicated volunteers, donors and employees... employees like Raquel.

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Finding hope and healing...

The first time we met Joseph, his gaze never left the floor. He flinched when the door shut. Though his bruises were beginning to heal, the emotional wounds from his abusive childhood were still fresh and visibly painful. He desperately wanted to believe in a brighter tomorrow, but he just didn't know how. But, thanks to you, thanks to your generous support of Children's Home Society of Florida, that's starting to change.

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Meet Yasmin.

Yasmin remembers the fear that enveloped her when she witnessed the abuse that once plagued her family. Frightened and angry, she was caught in a world of instability and emotional turmoil, leading her down a dark path of self-destruction.

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Meet Crystal.

Crystal is the mother of three. The victim of abuse in the past, she has made it her mission to provide a better, safer environment for her children. Upon learning of her third pregnancy, our Healthy Start program was here to help.

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Children's Home Society of Florida honored as Top Singles beneficiary

Rowland Publishing Inc. and Tallahassee Magazine presented a check for $87,493.08 to the 17 charities that were represented by the 2016 class of Top Singles.

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Celebrating Rebbekka's journey to college

Rebekka came into our care at age 16 and soon found her home at our Nelle Smith residence for girls. It was the move that changed her life.

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Shaina: Equipped for independence through the Youth Transition Center

In 2016, approximately 800 young adults in Florida's foster care system will turn 18 years old and enter life on their own. The Youth Transition Center in Vero Beach is here for these teens... teens like Shaina.

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Bella Stroup: A lifestyle of positive change

As students begin their new school year, Bella Stroup, a rising freshman at Nova Southeastern University School will maintain her dedication to positive change in the Broward County community.

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Dedicated to our Florida's children and families

Before the age of 3, Valerie experienced brief periods of homelessness as she and her parents moved from motel to motel. While her mom and dad dreamed of a better future for their young daughter, times were hard... then they found Early Head Start.

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Children's Home Society of Florida receives $50,000 through Orlando Sentinel Family Fund

Children's Home Society of Florida recently received a $50,000 grant through the Orlando Sentinel Family Fund, a McCormick Foundation Fund. The grant will support The Faine House, a program providing young adults formerly in foster care with the resources and support they need to create their own path to independence and self reliance.

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