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Perinatal Program

Support and guidance for new moms and dads

What is the Perinatal Program?

We help first-time parents learn how to cope with demands and stresses of raising kids. Parenting is tough! You don't have to be alone in your journey. 



Who can participate?

First-time parents in Seminole County who have babies and small children. Many times, new moms join our program because they grew up in stressful, abusive or neglectful homes, and they want to be sure their children are surrounded with love, safety and nurturing.


How can you help my family?

Some of the many ways include:

  • Peer group meetings that allow you to connect with other parents experiencing similar challenges and joys
  • Parenting classes
  • One-on-one professional support and guidance
  • Volunteer support and guidance (learn from other moms and dads who've been through it all!)
  • Social events with other families
  • A special "mom shop" just for you

Is it free?


How can I join this program?

Call us at (407) 262-7688 ext. 235

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