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“The Senate page program was such an unexpended opportunity and I would have never had that chance without Children’s Home Society of Florida.”  

-Yasmin, former Senate page




Policy Matters

News you can use

As an elected official, a leader in our state, you’re busy. We get it, and we respect it. That’s why we created Policy Matters, a news-you-can-use-now e-update that fills you in on key issues affecting Florida’s children. Looking for more info? Find it at www.chsfl.org/issues.

Walking the walk

Special thanks to Senate President Gaetz for reserving slots in the Senate Page Program for Children's Home Society of Florida’s teens in foster care. Since we began offering scholarships for our teens to participate in this program, we’ve had more than 30 youth walk the Capitol halls, meet with legislators and open up about their time in foster care. Meet some of our teens who’ve enjoyed the experience of a lifetime – thanks to you. During the next several weeks, you may run into more ambitious teens as they travel to Tallahassee for their chance to see our government at work.

Keeping kids first


Sex trafficking

Florida’s kids are sold for sex every day – it’s horrific, tragic and unacceptable. Children's Home Society of Florida supports legislation and budget allocations that address the needs of victims of domestic minor sex trafficking. Learn more about the gruesome $32 billion criminal enterprise and see why it’s imperative that we all stand up for child victims.

Case management efficiency

We place the lives, well-being and futures of our state’s most vulnerable children – the kids we, as a state, rescued from violent, abusive, neglectful situations – with Florida’s case managers. Yet, while we rightfully expect our case managers to protect these children from further harm and help them heal from their tragedies, we also expect our case managers to understand the depth of each family’s challenges. We expect our case managers to help parents work through their complex obstacles to safely bring their kids back home … or, if that’s not possible, we expect our case managers to find forever families for children awaiting adoption. But here’s the reality:  the unnecessary administrative burden placed on our case managers by contacts and regulating agencies consumes nearly an entire workweek, leaving little time to spend with the children and families who depend on these professionals. See why this is a critical issue that needs attention now, and see what the devastating consequences are – for Florida’s kids – if this isn’t addressed.

If you haven’t yet spent a day with one of our case managers, it’s never too late – contact us and let us know you’re interested. Think it’s a 9-5 job? It’s 24/7. Find out firsthand why.

Special thanks to Florida Representatives Fresen, Patronis and Rooney as well as staff from the offices of Representative Berman, Senators Abruzzo, Clemens and Sachs, U.S. Senator Rubio, and U.S. Representatives Hastings and West for joining our case managers on ride-alongs and taking time to delve into the depths of their work. We also thank DCF Secretary Wilkins, Mrs. Tanya Wilkins, DCF leadership, House and Senate staff, and the Governor’s budget staff for participating and for keeping a keen eye on the key work of case managers – and the kids they’re responsible for protecting.  If any legislator or staff is interested in participating in a case manager ride-along please, contact Summer Pfeiffer, VP of Governmental Relations at (850) 339-5463.

Children's Home Society of Florida also supports:

Retaining existing funding for services to children and families.

Maintaining the state’s Managed Care Reform efforts to serve the Medicaid population and the legislative intent to allow for Specialty Plans to be developed to serve special populations such as children in foster care.

Changes to current public policy that will create brighter futures for youth aging out of foster care without families.

Allocating funds from the education budget to support the development and sustainment of community schools in Florida.

Coming up next

Children's Home Society of Florida leaders, staff, families and clients will be in Tallahassee throughout the 2013 legislative session to share key research and information on issues affecting Florida’s children.

What’s happening in your district? Check out our upcoming events, or contact your local office to see how Children's Home Society of Florida  changes lives in your community.

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