Kidz4Kidz Florida

From Kidz4Kidz Florida's founder, Luke Sherwood:

Kidz4Kidz Florida empowers children to find charity within themselves by helping underprivileged children gain life experiences they may not otherwise enjoy. Kidz4Kidz Florida seeks to raise awareness of kids in need by educating children about the circumstances of their less-fortunate peers and by providing a way for kids to give their support. Working with Children's Home Society of Florida, Kidz4Kidz Florida helps supplement the necessities of life by providing fun, educational and life-changing experiences that kids have never done before. Or seen before. Or imagined before. 

Please help us in our efforts to enhance the lives of children throughout Florida. 100% of the proceeds we collect go to Children's Home Society of Florida to help kids and their families have a healthier, safer, and better life. 

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