A Child's Life

“We have such great kids. For what they’ve been through and where they’ve come from, they have the biggest hearts of anyone I know."

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Whether you're facing an unplanned pregnancy or hoping to adopt, we can help. With more than a century of experience bringing together loving families through adoption, we've earned the reputation as "Florida's most trusted adoption organization."

Want to adopt?

You're in for the journey of a lifetime! Dig deeper to discover your options with Children's Home Society of Florida. Eager to provide a loving home for life to a child who's been in foster care? Meet kids waiting for a family now! Thinking about bringing home a baby through private adoption? Curious about international adoption? You've come to the right place!

Unplanned pregnancy?

Facing an unplanned pregnancy?You're not alone - not at all. You have options, and our compassionate counselors can walk you through them all. Call us at 1-800-247-4600 or take a few minutes to learn more now. (Clicking the link to learn more will redirect you to another website. Don't worry - it's still part of Children's Home Society of Florida.)

Search and reunion

If you lovingly placed your baby for adoption with us more than 18 years ago, we may be able to help you reconnect. Or, if we found your "forever family" through private adoption and you’re now 18 or older, we can search for and possibly connect you with your relatives.

You also may simply update your medical history as a parent or, if you were adopted, obtain your family's medical history.

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