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Results: Advocacy 2013

We support the retention of existing funding for services to children and families. 
Success: Core services remained funded. But there is still work to do. In 2014, we are again advocating for the retention of existing funding for core services. More on our 2014 priority

We support interventions to address the needs of victims of domestic minor sex trafficking.
Partial success: The Safe Harbor Act was step one. But there is still work to do. This legislation did not come with necessary funding to successfully run safe houses. Additionally, more funding is needed to help provide proper counseling and therapeutic services to victims.
More on why this is still important

We support public policy to enhance efficiency for case managers.
Much more work to be done: In 2014, we again reinforce the importance of changing public policy and of appropriating necessary funds to enhance efficiency for case managers. More on our 2014 priority

We support maintaining the state's Medicaid Managed Care Reform efforts to serve the Please help us protect kidsMedicaid population and the legislative intent to allow for Specialty Plans to be developed to serve special populations such as children in foster care.
Success: The Agency for Health Care Administration recently awarded a statewide Child Welfare Specialty Plan to provide the medical, dental and behavioral health services to all children and teens in Florida's foster care system. Implementation begins in mid-2014. More on why this is important for kids 

We support changes to current public policy that will create brighter futures for youth aging out of foster care without families.
Success: Legislation now allows youth to remain in foster care until age 21 - if they choose. They may voluntarily leave at age 18, 19 or 20 and re-enter the system at will, so long as they meet certain criteria. State leaders continue to finalize details. More on why this is an important change.

We support allocating funds from the education budget to support the development and sustainment of community schools in Florida.
Success: Evans Community School, the only community school in Florida, received $400,000 to open a wellness cottage on campus. In 2014, we ask for additional support to expand this model in more communities. More on our 2014 priority


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