A Child's Life

"Books don’t even skim the surface – you never know what to expect. I’ve learned everything from Children’s Home Society of Florida.”


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Our impact

Breaking the cycle

Christina with her baby, Mya...to prevent more children from suffering tragedies of abuse, neglect or abandonment. 
Often, parents desperately want to provide safe, loving homes for their kids... but they don't know how. Many are survivors of abuse themselves, and that's all they know. Few have the benefit of healthy role models -- until they come to
Children's Home Society of Florida. Daily, we help families grow stronger as more parents provide stable, nurturing homes for their kids. We serve nearly 22,000 children and family members each year through such programs ... families like Christina's.

Healing the pain

...for children who have already suffered. Thank you for helping our kids!
Through safety, shelter, counseling, outreach and guidance, we help kids and teens work through traumas to find hope for happier tomorrows. Often, we work with entire families to help strengthen bonds and build trust to overcome challenges and embrace brighter futures. Serving more than 38,000 children and family members annually through such programs, we make a difference for youth like Miss Teddy.

Finding a family

Jessica...for children who can't safely return home. 
Guided by our belief in finding parents for children - not children for parents - we create forever families through private, international and foster care adoption. We understand the unique personalities and special challenges of our children and bring them together with families eager to provide the stability and love they've longed for. Last year, we reached more than 23,000 children and family members through adoption-related services. Since 1902, we've created families for more than 40,000 kids ... like Jessica and her siblings.


Preparing for independence

Melanie...for teenagers in foster care. 
Without Children's Home Society of Florida, teens in foster care who haven't found forever families would be thrust into "survival mode" on their 18th birthday - the day they become legal adults, responsible for every aspect of their well-being. We provide life skills training, educational and career coaching, guidance and safe housing so teens can learn self-sufficiency as they transition into adulthood and pursue opportunities for life success. Serving nearly 7,000 teens and young adults every year through such programs, we change lives like Melanie's.

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