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Invest $14 million in additional recurring funding in case management


In her own words ... a case manager shares her passion for helping others - even amidst daily challenges. Listen now.

The issue:

High turnover among case managers causes instability within the system and has a negative effect on outcomes. Case managers are more effective when they establish trusting relationships with their clients, regularly interact with children and families in their care, and remain on a case until it is closed. Increased effectiveness = better outcomes for kids. Download and share our one-pager that illustrates the impact of investing in case management. Then, download and share our issue brief.


Case manager turnover: 33 - 39 percent

Average case manager tenure: 18 months - 2.2 years

Average case duration: 10 - 22.5 months (depending on case goal of reunification or adoption)

Caseload sizes: 15 - 22

Why it matters:

Increased case manager turnover decreases a child's chances of finding permanency, either through reunification or adoption

When a child has more than one case manager, that child is more likely to:

  • Is more likely to remain in foster care
  • Is less likely to find a stable, permanent home
  • Is more likely to exit the foster care system without a family

Research reveals that a child with one case manager has a 75 percent chance of finding permanency, whereas a child with two case managers has only a 17.5 percent chance. A child with four case mangers has a 2.2 percent chance, and a child with five or more has virtually a 0 percent chance.

The Business Case for Case Management provides more details of the importance of retention for improved outcomes.

Our stance:

Children's Home Society of Florida requests a continued investment to reduce case manager turnover and reduce case load sizes. We request an additional $14 million in recurring funds earmarked for case management services.

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