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Legislative ride-alongs

Elected officials spend a day with case managers

Sometimes, seeing is believing.

For years, Children's Home Society of Florida has advocated for enhanced efficiency in case management, striving to provide case managers with more time to spend with the children they're responsible for protecting. Though some progress has been made, our case managers are still devoting far too much time to administrative tasks - time that would be better spent with kids and families.

To help our elected officials understand our case managers' responsibilities, we invite Florida's leaders on ride-alongs to accompany child welfare professionals into homes, courtrooms and offices. Though the shadowing takes only a few hours, the day often leaves a lasting impact as our legislators begin to truly understand the incredible pressures and responsibilities our case managers bear. And they begin to understand just how important it is to help these professionals find more time, more ways to better serve Florida's kids.

WElected officials and staff shadow case managerse extend a special thanks to all legislators and legislative staff who have joined us on ride-alongs, including: Representative Pat Rooney, Mr. Andrew Watts of Representative Rooney's office, Ms. Rebecca Baer of Senator Sachs' office, Ms. Kimberly Diaz of Representative Abruzzo's office, Ms. Melissa Garcia of U.S. Senator Rubio's office,Ms. Beth Hartnett-Murphy of Representative Clemons' office, Mr. Dan Liftman of U.S. Representative Hastings' office, Ms. Kathy May of U.S. Representative West's office, and Ms. Victoria Winslet and Ms. Abby Ross of Representative Berman's office.

If you're an elected official and would like to request a ride-along for yourself or someone on staff, please contact us today.


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