Provide funding for the development, expansion and sustainment of the community school model in Florida

What is a community school? Find out:

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Students attending urban school districts in low-income communities often Sistersstruggle to focus on their education because of the many other complex challenges they face daily.

Many students in these schools struggle with:

  • Poverty
  • Lack of access to adequate health care
  • Exposure to violence and other crime
  • Exposure to drugs
  • Hunger
  • Abuse or neglect

Community partnership schools address the holistic needs of students, recognizing the unique needs and challenges students - and their families - face. Many offer:

  • On-site access to health care
  • On-site food pantries
  • Counseling
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Cultural enrichment activities

No two community partnership schools are exactly alike - each centers on the community, offering programs, services and opportunities to meet the specific needs of local students and their families, allowing students to focus on their education and future success. But each shares a similar model - one with proven methods for accountability and outcomes.

Florida's first community partnership school - Evans Community School - officially opened at Evans High School in Orlando on October 13, 2012. CHS has been a partner in developing seven more community partnership school since them.

Successes include:

  • Increases in graduation rates
  • Increases in student achievement
  • Improved student attendance
  • Improved parent involvement
  • Overwhelming community support

Our stance

Children’s Home Society of Florida supports allocating funds to support the development, expansion and sustainment of the community partnership school model in Florida, as it has proven methods for accountability and successful outcomes. 

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