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The issue

Approximately 20,000 Florida children and teens are involved in the child welfare system, with thousands currently living in foster homes or residential care. While traditional foster homes can often meet the needs of many youth, some children and teens need far more care and support than a foster family can provide.

Often, children arrive in residential care after enduring multiple failed foster home placements; as each move equates to additional trauma, residential care is vital so children can experience stability and security.

Quality residential care comes in many forms, including:

  • Married-couple models;
  • Teacher models;
  • Shift-staff models;
  • And others.

Why residential care?

  • It allows large sibling groups to remain together, thus preventing additional trauma through further separation.
  • Some children have been so severely harmed in their homes that they are uncomfortable in - even fearful of - a traditional family setting.
  • For children and teens who have significant behavioral and/or emotional challenges (often resulting from their traumas), quality residential care provides more intensive 24-hour care, including on-site treatment and counseling.

Take a moment to look through this document created by Boys Town to learn more about how quality group care can result in effective outcomes for children.

This critical service should not reduce or eliminated from our system of care.

Our stance

Children's Home Society of Florida requests legislative support to maintain high-quality group care as a viable and important service option for some children and youth in the foster care system. For many youth, quality residential group care provides the best opportunity for children and teens to achieve successful outcomes.

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