Priority: Help teens exiting foster care without families


Every year, more than 1,000 Florida teens in foster care turn 18 without a family. In 2013, we successfully advocated for legislation that extends the age of foster care to 21. Now, teens may choose to stay in foster care beyond their 18th birthdays. This means they can have up to three more years of stability, guidance and training to prepare for adulthood.Childrens Home Society of Florida gives teens hope and opportunities

Why is this so important? Consider the stats. Of teens who exit foster care at age 18:

  • 33 percent will be on the streets within three years.
  • 66 percent are high school dropouts.
  • 50 percent are unemployed.
  • 60 percent will have babies within four years.

Our stance

Children's Home Society of Florida supports public policy that creates brighter futures for youth exiting foster care without families.




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