Medicaid: Allow Specialty Plans for special populations


Kids in the child welfare system don't have proper access to timely and quality health care.

  • Kids need us and youThis affects approximately 33,000 children.
  • The general population has access to health care through commercial and Medicaid/CHIP programs - these kids don't.

Without a solution, taxpayers will continue to see increasing costs with unacceptable results:

  • Children suffering unresolved or worsening health conditions.
  • Children with health outcomes that lag their peers.
  • Unsuccessful foster home placements that disrupt and hinder children's education.
  • Children suffering misuse or over-use of psychotropic drugs.
  • Over-use of expensive crisis care for children such as emergency room visits or Baker Act placements.

Our stance

Children's Home Society of Florida supports efforts to allow for Specialty Plans to be developed to serve special populations such as children in foster care.

We support the legislature's decision to allow for a Child Welfare Specialty Plan to serve children in Florida's foster care system. The Agency for Health Care Administration recently awarded a statewide Child Welfare Specialty Plan to provide the medical, dental and behavioral health care services for all children in the state's foster care system. Implementation will begin in 2014.

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