Priority: Address needs of victims of domestic minor sex trafficking


  • Almost 300,000 American youth are at risk for trafficking into the sex industry.
  • Youth in foster care are especially vulnerable to predators.
    • Girls in foster care have been recruited by predators at school, in malls and through social media.
    • Emphasis on “normalcy” for children in foster care encourages child-serving providers to keep youth in their communities and to allow youth to have cell phones. While this allows them to maintain their social network, it also significantly increases their risk of becoming victimized through commercial sexual exploitation.
      •  The familiar surroundings, relationships and ease of communication through cell phones allow these vulnerable kids to be increasingly accessible to manipulative predators.
  • In 2012, Florida passed legislation creating Safe Houses for victims of domestic minor  sex trafficking -- but no monies were appropriated to build capacity to serve or for the treatment necessary to help victims heal.  

Our stance

Children's Home Society of Florida supports interventions to address the needs of victims of domestic minor sex trafficking:

  • Increase capacity of safe houses (under Safe Harbor legislation passed in 2012).
  • Increase capacity of service providers to provide clinical interventions.
  • Support legislative-dedicated funding for both.
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