A Child's Life

I especially would like to thank everyone that kept faith in me and believed that I could do better than I ever imagined.”

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Celebrating our child welfare professionals

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Caryn Toole

I’m honestly blessed to have worked in child welfare for the past 11 years. There is no other career like child welfare; you are emotionally tied to each and every family and have the ability to affect such great change. It has been such a pleasure to be a part of the lives of so many amazing children and their families who have enriched my life in many ways.

Working in child welfare is not a 9-5 job. You do not do the same job day to day. One minute, you’re driving across the state to pick up a teenager who needs your attention, and the next, you receive a phone call that will change your course of direction. When working in this field, you embrace the positive. You know that, because of you, children are able to have a better life. To our children, child welfare professionals offer stability they can count on.  I’ve helped many children throughout the years, and it’s a joy when I still get calls from kids who were once under my care and are now adults asking me for advice on their own children. This is when I know I made an impact in their lives.

At Children's Home Society of Florida, we are here to serve the kids and guide them every day. The impact we have is unbelievable. That’s what Children's Home Society of Florida is all about: we are here to strengthen families and help children.

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