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Celebrating our child welfare professionals

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Faye Maddox

I’ve helped children for as long as I can remember. I’ve always enjoyed working with kids who needed a little extra guidance, and I’m so passionate about helping children choose paths to better themselves.

It’s so rewarding to work with children; each day, I know I can help them feel better. I can be there when they need someone. At Sunshine House, we provide a loving home for kids who’ve suffered abuse or neglect, and each child is different. Their pain is different, and their futures are different. You have to find creative ways to better serve each child. I always think outside of the box and work hard to build trust with every child. It can be challenging, but it’s definitely gratifying.

I’ve worked with a lot of kids over the past 12 years, and it’s satisfying when they still remember me years after they’ve left Sunshine House. Sometimes I see them at the mall or grocery store, and I even get invited to graduations, weddings and baby showers. It’s great to know I’ve made an impact in their lives.

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