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Tramona McClain

Working at Children’s Home Society of Florida for 28 years has allowed me to be involved with so many inspirational families. As an adoption social worker, I work hard to help build stable and loving families. I am there from start to finish in the adoption process, guiding future parents on what they should expect. It’s very rewarding and something I love doing.

I am still experiencing what I feel is probably one of the most inspiring adoptions I have ever been a part of. Several years ago, a couple came to us because they were struggling to care for their baby girl, as she had several medical complications. They has such selfless love for this baby that they wanted her to have the opportunity to grow up in a home where all of her medical needs could be taken care of, and where she would receive the love and attention she deserved. It was a very difficult decision for them, but they knew it was best for their child and they were even able to choose the family that would eventually adopt her. Since the adoption, this baby’s forever family has loved her unconditionally, overcome every crisis with her and provided her with the care she really needs. This is the type of family that epitomizes what adoption is all about -- making a commitment to a child through thick and thin with no regrets.

My heart has always gravitated toward making things better for the most vulnerable: children. Even as a young child, I would watch movies that had a plot about children without families and I wanted them to have parents at the end. That’s how it all started for me.

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