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Bank of America Charitable Foundation awards Children’s Home Society
 of Florida $10,000 grant to support former foster youth

February 15, 2013 (Orlando, Fla.) — The Bank of America Charitable Foundation recently awarded a $10,000 “critical needs” grant to Children’s Home Society of Florida. The grant supports a new transitional living program, The Faine House, for young adults leaving the foster care system.

The Faine House, which opens in May, will provide safety, support and life skills training for young adults who turn 18 while in foster care.  Bank of America’s grant will provide 28 days of funding for the program.

A partnership between Children's Home Society of Florida and Jeff Faine, 10-year NFL veteran, The Faine House will help vulnerable teens complete their high school education, secure jobs and learn skills, such as budgeting and interviewing, while providing them with a safe and stable place to live.

Young adults at The Faine House will receive connections to existing programs for case management, employment skills training, mentoring, education and health—all essential elements to help ensure long-term success.   With help from an adviser, each youth will develop a “life plan” focused on four main areas:  housing, education, employment and transportation. 

“The Faine House will fill a critical need in our community and teach young adults the skills necessary to live, to work and to be productive residents in their community,” says Tara Hormell, Executive Director of Children’s Home Society of Florida’s Central Florida Division. “Most importantly, though, they will have the opportunity to learn skills necessary to be better parents to the children they may one day have, which sh aligns with one of Children’s Home Society of Florida’s pillars of success – helping break the generational cycle of child abuse in more families.”

John Moskos, Central Florida market president for Bank of America, said The Faine House’s mission represents the very essence of the bank’s “critical needs” grants program. “We support efforts to promote education and employment as the keys to overcoming hunger and homelessness,” he said. “The Faine House intends to do exactly that by helping youths in foster care prepare for the eventuality of living on their own.”   
The grant to benefit The Faine House is part of ongoing investments by the Bank of America Charitable Foundation to address immediate critical needs, such as hunger and shelter and long-term solutions that promote financial wellness through access to benefits and resources.  Nationally, these grants support more than 1,000 nonprofits.

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