A Child's Life

"My counselor is my angel. I don't know what I'd do without her."

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Kevin Duff

I have always enjoyed working with children and teenagers, which is what led me to work in child welfare. My main role is to always keep kids safe. Being a dependency case manager at Children’s Home Society of Florida has truly exposed me to almost everything it can mean to be a human being. When we meet with children and families, they are often experiencing the most challenging times of their lives. Our goal is to help them rise up from those ashes and fly again.

My job can be demanding and rewarding. There are frightening moments … moments when you hold a child’s life in your hands. Recently, I had a mother who almost took her life when she was with her 5-month-old son.  In that moment, it was a race against the clock to get the child to safety. We were able to save both the mother’s and child’s life, and I felt an overwhelming amount of pride and accomplishment for the part I played in saving her life. That is one powerful example of what this work can mean … of what it means to me to be a case manager for Children’s Home Society of Florida.

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