A Child's Life

"My counselor is my angel. I don't know what I'd do without her."

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Celebrating our child welfare professionals

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Marla Green

I have always had a passion to work with children…which is why I knew that child welfare was my calling.

As a clinical counselor at Children’s Home Society of Florida, working with both children and families can be gratifying and demanding. But I couldn’t ask for a better career! When I meet with the children and families I counsel, I feel that I go out with a purpose. It’s my job to strengthen families, foster healthier communication and keep children safe from harm. Success in my book is when I’ve made a difference in their lives. I feel rewarded when I’ve helped a mom with an afterschool schedule so she doesn’t feel overwhelmed as a parent or when I link a teenager to an extra-curricular activity to strengthen her self-esteem. To me, that’s what makes the best experiences in working as a child welfare professional.

I am proud to work for Children’s Home Society of Florida because I firmly believe in the mission and what we do. It’s an honor to work with the children and families I serve. Not only am I teaching them to be better individuals, but they are also educating me. Their resilience helps strengthen my character. And I respect them for that.

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