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Henry and Melanie ... plus three

Melanie and Henry's familyHenry tears up when speaking about his children – his reason for waking up in the morning, for working long, hard days. It’s all for them.  A father of three who grew his family through adoption, and foster dad to more than 30 others over the past few years, Henry and his wife, Melanie, are grateful for the chance to experience the joys of parenthood.

It doesn’t matter how long they have with a child, Melanie explains – as soon as a child walks through their door, she’s part of the family. Some stay longer than others … some stay forever.

Laurilye joined their family as a 1-week-old foster baby. Three years later, her adoption was finalized. 

Henry James was 10 months old when we called the couple – because of their parental strengths and commitments, we knew they would be the perfect parents for this baby – forever.

“We loved him sight unseen,” Melanie remembers. “As soon as they told us he was ours, my first response was, ‘When can we get him?’”

Little Henry James had challenges to overcome, but Henry and Melanie were committed to boosting his development and progress. Today, he’s a rambunctious 4-year-old whose giggles fill a room.

Last year, we helped the family of four welcome and nurture one more – Frankie. Like Henry James, Frankie came with special needs. His parents help him with patience and persistence, relishing the moments when Frankie’s determination propels him past obstacles.

“Watching them thrive … to see them go from where they were when they came into our home to where they are now … it’s amazing,” Melanie says of her three children. “They’re little miracles.” 

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