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Finding a family

Bruce and Kathie ... plus three

Bruce and Kathie's kidsThough their foster parenting adventure began with the understanding that they would only care for children short-term, their journey took a few twists and turns, landing them on quite a different path. The reason was simple: they fell in love.

Briana was the first to find safety and security with Bruce and Kathie; she came into their home when she was just days old. Born to a mother who couldn’t properly care for her, baby Briana suffered from drug withdrawals, relying on Bruce and Kathie to comfort her while she shook and cried. And as they held her, they began falling in love. “She was part of our family,” Bruce says. “You can’t differentiate your love for a child – it doesn’t matter if she’s your biological child or not. We couldn’t imagine her anywhere else.” So, while many of their friends began experiencing empty nest syndrome, Bruce and Kathie chose a different route, bringing Briana into their family forever.

Then Isaiah arrived, also to steal their hearts and join their forever family. Before long, Isaiah’s birth mother gave birth to another baby, Noah. With nowhere else to go, he, too, ended up in Bruce and Kathie’s arms. After months of caring for him, Bruce and Kathie adopted Noah as well.

“They give us a life beyond ourselves,” Bruce says of his children. “Children’s Home Society of Florida gave us an opportunity we thought we’d never have – to be parents again.”

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