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Ron and Violet ... plus seven

Ron and Violet's kidsViolet vividly remembers the day her first three children walked through the door. DeShawn, Kurt and Moesha joined their new foster family carrying a single bag filled with old, dirty, moldy clothes. As the days progressed, Violet began to glimpse into the horrors the young ones endured before coming into her home. Moesha screamed with terror when she had her hair washed. They each fought when it was time for a bath; the painful sores the youngsters carried made every attempt a nightmare. But they brought with them more than the physical scars of their past. Each child also carried emotional scars, hidden beneath a protective outer shell.

Kurt’s shell was built of rebellion.It was his way or no way. But Violet wouldn’t have any of it. Structure was as important as love and guidance. Education as important as the hugs she freely gave to her children.

“They were never ‘foster kids,’” Violet explains. “They were ‘our kids’ from day one.” Her husband, Ron, agrees. Though he didn’t enter foster parenting with the intention of adopting, he quickly became attached. “They just grow on you,” he says with a chuckle. Actually, seven have “just grown on them,” as they’ve become a forever family through adoption. In addition to the first three, they’ve brought Victor, Victoria, Kenneth and Kaylor into their loving family.

Though some may believe these youngsters are the lucky ones, Violet disagrees. “I’m blessed – I’m the one who is truly blessed by these children.”

When the children first came into their home, their behaviors reflected the pain of their pasts. But after years of guidance, nurturing and love from Ron and Violet, their attitudes reflect the happiness and hope they now share.

“It’s tough to imagine life without them,” Ron says of his kids. “Now we have something to live for.”

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