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Finding a family

Pat and Kari ... plus seven

Pat and Kari's familyNewlyweds Pat and Kari dreamed of a large family, of providing a home to children who needed the love, structure and nurturing they looked forward to providing.

So less than two months after tying the knot, Pat and Kari began their adoption journey, eager to grow their family.

“We went into it very open-minded,” Pat says. Interested in both foster care and adoption, they admit they did have one stipulation.

“We always wanted a sibling group,” Kari says.

Just a week after completing training to become foster and adoptive parents, they received a call: three siblings – Jessica, Jacob and Luke – needed a family.

Pat and Kari welcomed them with open arms. Yet, even as the children received the attention, nurturing and acceptance they’d never before known, there was still an adjustment period.

“They didn’t trust us when they came,” Kari explains. “Why should they? They’d been let down so many times before.”

But with consistency, structure, and a lot of love and follow-through, Pat and Kari earned their children’s trust and demonstrated the unconditional love of a family. 

Since then, Pat and Kari have brought four more into their forever family – all seven of their children are biological siblings, as Pat and Kari feel strongly about keeping them together.

In their home, hugs and “I love you” are shared often, weekly family game nights bring laughter and togetherness, and family time at the beach and sporting events keeps their bonds strong.

“We have such great kids,” Kari says. “For what they’ve been through and where they’ve come from, they have the biggest hearts of anyone I know. They care about everyone.”

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