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Healing the pain

Christine and Camdyn

Christine and CamdynChristine grew up watching her mom get high. She witnessed brutal beatings from boyfriends. She watched her mother return to abusive relationships and a drug-addicted lifestyle.

It didn’t take long to follow in her mother’s footsteps … Christine dropped out of school in seventh grade and, shortly after, turned to drugs.

At 19, she became pregnant by her drug-addicted boyfriend.

Though six months clean by then, Christine had serious doubts about the life her baby would have. She realized she was on her own; her entire household was high, and she needed help.

She found it with Children’s Home Society of Florida. For the first time in her life, Christine felt safe sleeping at night. Though she had never before had rules, she followed them, determined to make something of herself.

“I didn’t want him to grow up the way I did,” Christine says of her son. “As long as I’m his mom, nothing bad is ever going to happen to him.”

Aspiring to build a better life for her family, Christine has already earned her GED, begun college and secured an apartment; she hopes to earn a master’s degree in social work and possibly become a therapist. Led by determination and ambition, she knows she can help other young women, just as we helped her.

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