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“He’s sweet and kind, very quiet, analytical and artistic. He really is a loving kid. He tells me all the time, ‘Mom, I don’t want to remember what I used to be like.’ Life is good.”

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Healing the pain

Ricky and Nicholas

Ricky and NicholasRicky wakes up knowing the day won’t be easy. But he faces the challenges head-on: to stay straight, to earn an honest day’s pay. He does it for his son.

It wasn’t always that way. Years ago, he lost custody of his son Nicholas. The bruise on the boy’s face revealed only part of the story. While Ricky is proud that he’s always kept food on the table and a roof over their heads, he’s not so proud of other habits that used to consume his attention. Cocaine. Alcohol. Marijuana. Jail time.

But after losing Nicholas, Ricky was ready to pull his life together. He checked into a drug-and-alcohol treatment program, then began substance abuse and anger management classes. Through Children’s Home Society of Florida, he learned how to provide Nicholas with the nurturing, structure and guidance he craved.

“I wish I would’ve realized all this back in the day,” Ricky says. “My drug days are over. I know what I have to do for my son.”

He’s learned to discipline without hitting. He’s learned to communicate without yelling. He’s learned to stand firm in decisions with his son. And he thanks Children’s Home Society of Florida for it all.

“She’s my angel,” Ricky says of his counselor. “I don’t know what I’d do without her.”

The road hasn’t been easy, but he knows it’s worth it – he has his son. He sees his son smile. He watches him play football. Each day, he shows that he truly is a wonderful father.

Nicholas sees it, too. He freely wraps his arms around his dad, happy to have him back in his life. He knows what his father has done to come this far. “I have a place to be loved,” Nicholas says. “It makes me really happy.”

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