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 “It felt good to know you cared. We’ve never had somebody like that before.”

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Kimberly and her sonKimberly was addicted to crack cocaine for years – before her son was born, while she was pregnant and for more than six years after his birth. Drugs were everything; nothing else mattered, not her child – not herself.

When her son was 6, he was removed from her care to live with his grandparents. Using the only coping mechanism she knew, Kimberly turned to crack cocaine and spiraled downhill, eventually losing everything, living on the streets.

“It was like a state of hopelessness,” Kimberly says. “I realized I could get up and start it all over again, or I could get help. I was tired; I didn’t want to live that way anymore.”

She finally sought the help she desperately needed. After finding success with treatment and recovery programs, Kimberly learned about Children’s Home Society of Florida; she was ready to get her life back on track and bring her son home.

With Children’s Home Society of Florida, Kimberly learned about commitment. She learned how to cope and manage stress with effective, healthy techniques.

“Without Children’s Home Society of Florida, I’d probably be dead, and my child would be living with his grandparents,” Kimberly says.

Instead, she’s learning the joy of motherhood and cherishing every day she has with her son.

She treasures watching her son grow and develop his personality, finding immense fulfillment in being a mom. Instead of facing life on the streets, she enjoys the responsibility and independence that come with her own apartment, which we helped her secure, her own car and a steady job.

“Now I’m happy, my child’s happy,” Kimberly says. “It’s living life.”

Healing the pain

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