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 “It felt good to know you cared. We’ve never had somebody like that before.”

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Healing the pain

Jessica and Connie

Children's Home Society of Florida gives hope to kids healing from painful pastsJessica’s not the person she used to be. She thinks before talking back, she’s learned to control her anger. Rather than skipping school and failing classes, she’s turned into a conscientious student concerned about her future. And, after years of turmoil, Jessica finally has some stability – she has Children’s Home Society of Florida. She has guidance. She knows people care.

Her younger sister, Connie, also found love through Children’s Home Society of Florida, as well as the encouragement and structure she needs to become a responsible young adult. Prior to joining our Children’s Home Society of Florida family, the girls endured turbulent childhoods and unspeakable traumas. Traumas we continue to help them conquer.

Before, Jessica didn’t think much about her future. But now, already in high school, she’s looking forward to furthering her education to become an elementary school teacher. Openly expressing her love for children, Jessica confides that she’d eventually like to raise her own – at least six. While Connie wants only a couple of her own children, she, too, aspires to teach. For now, though, she’s more interested in enjoying her time as a young teenager, eager to explore the world around her. 

Jessica is grateful for Children’s Home Society of Florida, for the structure that will help guide her to achieve her dreams. And here, she says, she knows she’s safe. When Connie grumbles about some of the rules, Jessica is quick to remind her younger sister that they’re only meant to protect them.

And the girls still have plenty of opportunities to put aside their personal challenges and daydream about a brighter future. To escape the pain, heartaches and troubles they’ve known for too long. Connie skates. Jessica finds some peace in running. “I love it,” she says. “You can build your own little world.”

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