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 “My daughter is very happy now. I’m proud of her. Children’s Home Society of Florida helped us so much.”

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Healing the pain


Cynthia's familyCynthia knows she shouldn’t have left her young children home alone. After being convicted of child neglect, she was without them for nearly two years. But it wasn’t until her two youngest came back home that she realized just how much time had passed … and how much she needed a hand.

“There was a readjustment period,” she explains. “My girls were away … we lost all bonding.” Shortly after they returned, Cynthia had to find a new home on limited income and decreasing wages – immediately. But thanks to Children’s Home Society of Florida, she didn’t have to do it alone.

While working with Cynthia to strengthen her parenting skills and redevelop the bond with her girls, we quickly connected the family with local resources to secure a new home. To help Cynthia provide a brighter future for her family, we helped her find a new job and enroll in higher education. But more than that, we provided guidance on family building and bonding, from reading and doing homework together to playing games and disciplining appropriately.

“The help was never-ending,” Cynthia says. “You never hear about something like this…until you’re in it. You changed my life.”

For Cynthia, life finally seems to be falling into place. Through Children’s Home Society of Florida, she’s found resources for financial, moral and family support. She’s learned how to provide boundaries her children craved. She’s learned to dream of a joyful future, and she’s learned to never take her family for granted.

“It’s a whole new beginning.”

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