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Breaking the cycle




Christina, Mike and their beautiful familyChristina remembers the pain of abuse. The fear, the helplessness. Feelings she never wants her daughters to experience. Instead, she wants them surrounded with love, protected from violence. Fortunately, she’s not alone.

With her husband, Mike, by her side, Christina’s worked through past pain and, together with Children’s Home Society of Florida, the couple is grateful they can raise their three daughters in a safe, loving home.

Christina knows she can always count on us, which is especially meaningful since she hasn’t had any other strong role models to learn from and lean on. When Christina needed emotional support, she called her home visitor. When she didn’t know how to get through another day, she called her counselor. “They really helped me,” Christina says. “They got me through it.”

From emotional support to practical assistance, we’ve encouraged Mike and Christina to build upon their strengths and work toward a stable, hopeful future – even amidst trying times.

“Children’s Home Society of Florida is always there for us,” Christina says. “They’re part of our family.”

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