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Realities for former foster youth:

33% will be on the streets within three years
66% are high school dropouts
50% are unemployed
60% will have babies within four years

We offer something else: HOPE



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Christy and Avy

Christy and AvyNothing puts baby Avy to sleep quite like loud, crazy rock music – a secret her mother, Christy, cherishes. It’s just one of the many invaluable insights she’s gained through Children’s Home Society of Florida. Shortly after she became involved with us – during her third trimester – Christy learned she could listen one CD constantly through the end of her pregnancy and later use that music to soothe her baby, Avy, after she was born.

That was only the beginning

With Children’s Home Society of Florida, Christy learned just how important it is for parents to interact with their children, to bond with their babies and form a trusting relationship.

“You always have that motherly instinct, but you don’t necessarily know what your baby needs,” Christy says. “It’s so important in the beginning. You learn how much security means to your baby, like holding her when she cries instead of putting her down and getting frustrated.”

Avy used to be quite colicky, Christy remembers, and we taught her to hold and soothe her baby, which calmed them both.

“When you comfort your baby when she cries, she learns she can depend on you,” Christy says.

And Christy continues receiving new ideas to enhance Avy’s development – certain toys, for example, help Avy develop fine motor skills, while others help her understand logic and cause-and-effect relationships.

Plus, Christy’s receiving crucial parenting advice and tips to help her raise Avy safely. She knows how to set boundaries without yelling or spanking, and she and her husband are learning how to strengthen their family to give Avy the best life she can have.

“I love being a mom,” Christy says. “Everything about it is awesome.”

She loves being with Avy day in and day out, watching her develop, teaching her and encouraging her. And if Christy ever has questions about anything, she can count on us.

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