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Breaking the cycle




As a child, Patricia was disciplined by the hand. She was expected to be seen and not heard. Instead of being cherished by her parents, she was viewed as another “servant” to help around the house.

She assumed that’s how all families functioned. And when she had her first daughter, Rosa, the cycle continued. Patricia punished her daughter by the hand. She chastised her curiosity and expected perfection. She watched Rosa’s self-esteem disappear.

When Patricia became pregnant again, she wanted help. After hearing about Children’s Home Society of Florida, she was eager to learn more. “I wanted to be a good mom, but I felt I was making too many mistakes with my first daughter,” she explains. “I didn’t have the maturity to know enough to parent her because of my own childhood. I wanted what was best for my daughters.”

Patricia noticed changes almost immediately. Though she suffered from post-partum depression after having Rosa, she felt only the joy of motherhood after bringing home her second daughter, Lydia – and it permeated into her relationships with both daughters. Patricia learned how to practice patience, how to discipline without hitting, how to let Lydia safely satisfy her curiosity.

We’ve done more than help Patricia change her parenting style with Lydia; we’ve also helped mend her relationship with Rosa. Patricia’s now committed to helping her daughters understand just how special and wonderful they are.

“I’m very proud that I’ve changed my life and my daughters’ lives,” Patricia says. “I’m very grateful for what you’ve done for my family.”

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