A Child's Life

"Our kids give us a life beyond ourselves. You gave us the chance to be parents again."

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Want to adopt?

Opening your heart and home to adopt a child is far reaching and deeply emotional. Your decision will have a tremendous impact on the lives of all involved. Adoption is a commitment for generations, not to be taken lightly, nor expected to happen quickly or without preparation. But if you decide adoption is right for you and your family, you'll experience the journey of a lifetime ... 

Adopting through foster care

Cameron looks forward to joining a forever family through adoptionHundreds of wonderful kids dream of belonging to a "forever" family ... perhaps yours! These kids can never return to their birth families ... but they long for a place to call "home." Some have brothers and sisters they hope to be adopted with. Some need extra care and attention. All need love. Stability. Family.

Because our kids come with unique personalities and special challenges (remember - many of these kids have suffered severe trauma), you'll need to take a parenting class in your area, often called MAPP or PRIDE. This will help you prepare for welcoming a child through foster care adoption. Don't worry - we'll connect you with a local class! We'll also be with you during your home study, a process that allows us to learn more about your family. It may seem like a lot, but we want to be sure you're ready ... and we want to be sure our kids - who've already endured so much - will join a loving family for life.

Interest piqued? Attend a local adoption orientation or contact an adoption counselor to see if this the journey for you.

Adopting an infant

infant adoption photoThroughout Florida, women (and their partners) trust us to find safe, loving adoptive families for their babies. It's an honor we take very seriously, and we're devoted to finding wonderful parents for these children. Sometimes, birth and adoptive parents choose to have an open adoption, and we'll facilitate the exchange of letters and photos. Often, birth parents wish to select the family for their baby, and we can "introduce" you to birth families through letters and photos, videos, websites, scrapbooks, and more.

Adoption is an emotional journey for all, and we'll be with you the entire way. Our professional counselors will help you through the process, share in your joy when you first hold your baby, and continue to offer support when you need it.

Additionally, we assist with specialized adoption plans, including attorney-assisted adoption and identified adoption.

Attorney-assisted adoption
In some instances, birth or adoptive parents will ask an attorney to handle the legal component of the adoption. The attorney may then refer the birth or adoptive parents to Children's Home Society of Florida for counseling and adoption services. We have a strong working relationship with many attorneys around the state, making the process smooth for everyone.

Identified adoption 
Some prospective adoptive parents may know a birth mother who has specifically requested to have that family adopt her baby. We'll complete the home study, provide counseling to the birth parents, facilitate placement, and provide support and supervision until the adoption is finalized. In these cases, the services of a private attorney are not necessary. We will provide all legal services.

Intrigued? Contact your local adoption counselor for more info or to start the process!

Adopting internationally

We collaborate with several international agencies throughout the United States to create loving families for children from  countries around the world. For the purpose of international adoption, we serve as the "Direct Service Agency,” working in cooperation with the international adoption agency to serve local couples and singles waiting to adopt from a foreign country. We work directly with families while the International Agency works with authorities in the foreign country. While conducting a thorough home study, we also prepare families adopting internationally for the placement of their child; the International Agency is responsible for placing the child with the adoptive parents. After the child is placed in the home, we provide post-placement services and provide reports in accordance with the schedules requested by the various countries.

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