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Since I’ve found him, life’s complete and fulfilled. Now I know he couldn’t have had it any better.”                                           -Laurie

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Adoption: Search and reunion

Adoption is a courageous, selfless, loving decision. If you placed your child for adoption through Children’s Home Society of Florida more than 18 years ago, or if we found your forever family through private adoption and you’re now 18 years or older, your record should be in our archives – our records date back to our founding in 1902. We may be able to help you search for – and possibly connect with – your relatives.

If you placed your baby for adoption through us, you can update your family and/or medical history at any time; if you joined your adoptive family as an infant, you may also request your family medical history.

Search-and-reunion services

We have a short waiting list.

We understand the uncertainties you may feel about search and reunion, and we’ll make every attempt to help you in this important process. We applaud your courage in taking this major step.

This is a very emotional process, and we encourage you to learn as much as possible by reading and joining adoption support groups. You also may wish to receive counseling with a professional familiar with adoption issues. While our counselors are trained professionals, we’re not able to provide these services on an ongoing basis.

What we can do for you

If you placed your baby for adoption or were adopted as an infant through Children’s Home Society of Florida, we can search for your relative(s). As your intermediary, we’ll search and help you make contact with your relative(s). Opportunities for contact include:

  1. Exchanging letters
  2. Conference telephone calls originating at one of our offices
  3. On-site visitation at a Children’s Home Society of Florida location

Please be assured: Release of any identifying information is done by you, not by us.

You can also register with Florida's Reunion Registry by calling (800) 96-ADOPT (in Florida) or (904) 353-0679 (out of Florida) or with the International Soundex Reunion Registry at (775) 882-7755.

Contact us at any time with questions about the search process:

Children's Home Society of Florida
P.O. Box 5616
Jacksonville, FL 32247
Telephone: (904) 493-7780
Fax: (904) 348-2848

Florida Statutes Chapter 65C-16.016 and Chapter 63.162 do not allow public access to adoption records. The Adoption Archives Unit at Children's Home Society of Florida preserves records of clients so adoptees, birth parents and adoptive parents can obtain background information and receive services for search and reunion in accordance with the statute.

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