Adoption: Search and reunion

Stories of love

Holding hands, holding heartsExcited for the next step? Nervous? Anxious? We understand - and so do hundreds of others who've been in this very place in their lives. Meet just a few ...


Al grew up in a loving family, in a quiet suburb he still calls home. He’s grateful for his parents, who brought him home when he was just days old – Al was the light of their lives, joining the family through adoption. And though Al had a great childhood and fulfilling adulthood, he still felt like there was a piece missing.  Continue reading about Al's journey toward reuniting with the mother who lovingly placed him for adoption...

A poem from a mother

We were touched by a poem we received from a mother who selflessly placed her son for adoption decades ago; we hope you enjoy it, too.

My Son
The letter came from the adoption agency
Saying, your son wants to hear your voice.
So long ago...I gave him away
My BEST GIFT to some dear lady.
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I recently contacted you regarding identifying information on my birth mother. Because of your professionalism and caring attitude, we were graciously told that the information on my birth certificate was a match, and my birth mother and I have been reunited for a full eight days as of the writing of this email. Continue reading about Fred's experience...

Laurie and Michael

Laurie was 17 when she placed her only baby for adoption through Children’s Home Society of Florida. She kissed him, told him she’d love him forever and promised one day she’d find him again. And, as each April 18 passed, she wished him Happy Birthday and happiness wherever he was. But she didn’t know the depth of the gift she gave – both to her son, Michael, and his family – when she placed him for adoption. Continue reading about the journeys that brought Laurie and Michael back together...


Adopted shortly after birth, I grew up in a very loving home. I was always loved by my parents and was never treated any different because I was adopted. But  I’ve often wondered where I came from. Continue reading about Elaine's journey...


On a special day in 1930, Carolyn was placed into the loving arms of her adoptive parents. Grateful for her wonderful life and the unconditional love of her family, she shared with us a very touching poem she wrote to honor her parents:

My parents
They took me for their very own,
When I was just a babe unknown.
Although 40-odd years of their life had passed,
They undertook this responsibility,
And fulfilled to their very last.
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