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Adoption: Search and reunion


Al grew up in a loving family, in a quiet suburb he still calls home. He’s grateful for his parents, who brought him home when he was just days old – Al was the light of their lives, joining the family through adoption. And though Al had a great childhood and fulfilling adulthood, he still felt like there was a piece missing …

Well into his adult life, Al decided he was ready to look for the parents who so lovingly placed him for adoption. When he reached out to us for search-and-reunion services, he was understandably anxious and began dealing with a myriad of emotions while waiting to hear about his birth mother.

When we located his birth mother, Ann, she shared the story of her brief affair with a young man while they both were married. Though her husband offered to raise the child, she felt it would be best for her son if she placed him with a loving family through adoption; her marriage was shaky, and she wanted her son to experience a lifetime of stability. It was a heart-wrenching decision, but she knew it was in her son's best interest. Ann later married the love of her life and spent wonderful years with him before he passed away.

Though Ann was very open in sharing her story, she was hesitant to meet her son, as she feared he would be angry with her for placing him for adoption. But there wasn’t any anger in Al’s heart; he broke down in tears of joy when he learned Ann had been located. After exchanging letters through Children’s Home Society of Florida, Ann and Al arranged to meet. Soon after, Ann hosted a dinner for her family and Al's as they celebrated his birthday together - a special memory for all.

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