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Adoption: Search and reunion


On a special day in 1930, Carolyn was placed into the loving arms of her adoptive parents. Grateful for her wonderful life and the unconditional love of her family, she shared with us a very touching poem she wrote to honor her parents:

My parents
They took me for their very own,
When I was just a babe unknown.
Although 40-odd years of their life had passed,
They undertook this responsibility,
And fulfilled to their very last.

They fed and clothed me and gave me a home,
Never let me feel alone.
They loved, cuddled and protected me,
Very lenient at times and strict when need be.

They taught me values not written in books,
These values from their hearts they took.
I know at times I hurt and disappointed them,
Yet, their loved sustained me to their end.

Few daughters have been so
Blessed as me,
To have had such good people
My parents chose to be.
I pray they both will always know
How very much I loved them also.

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