A Child's Life

Since I’ve found him, life’s complete and fulfilled. Now I know he couldn’t have had it any better.”                                           -Laurie

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Adoption: Search and reunion

A poem from a mother

We were touched by a poem we received from a mother who selflessly placed her son for adoption decades ago; we hope you enjoy it, too.

My Son
The letter came from the adoption agency
Saying, your son wants to hear your voice.
He said his heart had a hole in it, too
Because no one had given him a choice.

So long ago...I gave him away
My BEST GIFT to some dear lady.
Who prayed for him, knowing that God would hear
And give her the very best baby.

Oh, how I wanted to hear of him,
I wondered how he was doing.
When he cried, did they dry his tears
So that he never felt alone?

The years drifted by, without ever a word,
So my heart wrote him off for good.
"Not to be," said the Lord, whose mercy endures,
"I've not written him off, and never would."

This child is making my heart to sing.
The heart I so carefully veiled.
He said it is time to love again
Through the letter I got in the mail.

It was for self-preservation
I had tightly veiled my heart.
However, the veil is being removed
With a "Hi, Mom" just as a start.

How sweet to hear those words!
How softly they lay on my heart!
He has found the key to open
The heart that had been pulled apart.

The Lord watched between me and thee,
The darling my arms longed so for
He's coming to see and to bring me love.
That I missed so many years before.

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