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Adoption: Search and reunion

Laurie and Michael

Laurie was 17 when she placed her only baby for adoption through Children’s Home Society of Florida. She kissed him, told him she’d love him forever and promised one day she’d find him again. And, as each April 18 passed, she wished him Happy Birthday and happiness wherever he was.

But she didn’t know the depth of the gift she gave – both to her son, Michael, and his family – when she placed him for adoption.

“Michael’s parents loved him the day they got him,” Laurie says. “He’s still their hero.”

Just as she promised her baby 35 years ago, Laurie found him again, with the help of the Children’s Home Society of Florida.

“We’ve gotten so much out of the reunification,” Laurie says. “Michael loves his family and couldn’t be happier. I’m very proud of who he turned out to be.”

Michael has been completely at peace with his adoption since the day he found out when he was 6 years old. “I could not have had a better family,” he says. “God Himself put my family together, just like a quilt.”

And, like patchwork, the purpose of Michael’s life was revealed since the day his mother brought him home. He was in church the first Sunday his parents brought him home and, he says, he hasn’t missed many since.

Through Children’s Home Society of Florida, his parents learned he might have some musical ability. So his mother made tremendous sacrifices to buy him a piano; he also took up the trumpet. And a decade ago, at the urging of a fellow parishioner, he joined the church choir.

He’s been singing professionally now for more than 10 years, sharing his voice with more than a million people.

“There was a plan from the beginning,” Michael says. “One million people have been ministered to by that baby – one child can make a difference in millions of lives.”

Laurie’s grateful for the love and encouragement Michael’s parents have given him since the day he was placed in his mother’s arms. She enjoys watching as pieces of his genetics emerge. Both Laurie and Michael are sarcastic and strong-willed, she says, and they look forward to their monthly get-togethers.

“Since I’ve found him, life’s complete and fulfilled,” Laurie says. “Now I know he couldn’t have had it any better.”

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