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Early Head Start

Children don’t come with an instruction manual. We can help.

Orange, Osceola, Seminole counties: Call (321) 397-3000 to apply
Duval County: Call (904) 493-7744 to apply
Brevard County: Call (321) 752-3170 to apply

What is Early Head Start?

Families grow stronger with Early Head StartIt's a program for pregnant women (including teens) and families with kids ages 0-3 who live in Orange, Osceola, Seminole and Duval counties. Even if your child is older than 3, you may qualify if she or he has a disability.

You qualify if you:

  • Meet federal poverty guidelines, or
  • Receive public assistance (TANF, SSI), or
  • Are homeless, or
  • Have a child with a disability, or
  • Are caring for a child in foster care

We visit you in your home, so you're in familiar surroundings, and we help you strengthen your parenting skills, overcome challenges and nurture your kids to their fullest potential.

We help you:

  • Prepare for the birth of your child (you can even have a doula, a volunteer who supports you during your final weeks of pregnancy and stays with you - to the extent you're comfortable - during your baby's birth!)
  • Create and achieve personal and family goals
  • Learn how to provide a safe, healthy home for your child(ren)
  • Build confidence as you learn more about yourself, family and community

What does my family receive?

  • An experienced home visitor meets with you for 90 minutes each week until your child turns 3
  • Your home visitor answers your questions about parenting, provides activities for you and your kids to strengthen your bonds and to help your child reach developmental milestones, and more. Simple activities like playing with colored sand can help your child grow! Your home visitor will teach you this and much more.
  • Medical professionals can connect you with the health services your child needs. You'll have access to:
    • A licensed nurse
    • An infant-toddler development specialist
    • A clinician who specializes in infant/toddler mental health
  • Family Time group socializations: Meet and connect with other families in a fun and educational setting! Often times, we can provide transportation, too.

What are my responsibilities?

  • Participate in sessions with your home visitor each week
  • Attend two Family Time gatherings each month

How do I start?

We'll help you complete an application!
If you're in Orange, Osceola or Seminole counties, call (321) 397-3000 and ask for Early Head Start. 
If you're in Duval County, call (904) 493-7744 and ask for Early Head Start.
If you're in Brevard County, call (321) 752-3170 and ask for Early Head Start.

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