A Child's Life

Kiara's dad left her in a local store. A Place for Children protected her form reliving her pain of abandonment.

Jasmine and Jordan were kidnapped by their father. A Place for Children helped their family heal

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A Place for Children

Protecting kids from harsh realities of court business

What is A Place for Children?

A Place for Children protects kids from experiencing harsh realilties of court businessIt's a licensed drop-in childcare center located in the Orange County Courthouse. It's free for kids whose parents or caregivers have business with the court. It's more than daycare - it's a door to possibilities for families looking for help to become safe, strong and stable.

What do you mean ... "door to possibilities"?

Families that benefit from A Place for Children are often facing other struggles, too. Sometimes there's domestic violence in the home. Sometimes they're battling addictions. Many times, they need an additional support system to keep their kids safe and healthy. So we open those doors.

Why is it in the courthouse?

Prior to the opening of A Place for Children in 1998, kids would often be in the courtrooms with their parents, often witnessing traumatic hearings. Some would even see their parents handcuffed. A Place for Children was established out of necessity.

How many kids go to A Place for Children?

We serve more than 1,800 kids every year.

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